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Zoom in to while viewing comics
If you are viewing a comic on a small device, click on the comic to zoom in... click again to zoom out.
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View comics in full screen
Use the full screen button to view a comic without any other site features visible.
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Leave and reply to comments
All fans can view posted comments. Registered users can leave and reply to comments. If you are worried about "spoilers," simply click the chat button to hide the window.
Chat w/Fans
Chat with other fans viewing the same comic
It's under construction right now, but eventually, our in-comic chat feature allows fans who are viewing the same comic to chat with each other. If you are worried about "spoilers," simply click the chat button to hide the window.
Change Language
View the site in 17 languages
Phicno can be viewed in 17 different languages. Until we can afford professional translation services, we have used Google for translation... please let us know if translations are incorrect, so we can update the content to be correct.
Indie comic and industry news
We are trying our hardest to find and collect as much indie news as we can to keep you informed of what's happening in the industry. Don't forget to share the articles with your friends.
Unmoderated fan feedback
We understand that we currently don't have a lot of content so some of you are not "signing up". However, we value your feedback about the site in order to grow the features and functionality.
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Edit your profile
Your account profile is made up of many parts:
1. Upload an Avatar and Author Intro
2. User Type is for the Get Connected section
3. Paypal Email is necessary to sell.
Message Center
Internal messaging system for fans and authors
The internal message system is used to facilitate all communication within the site (e.g., between fans and authors, for the contact us and wish list forms, for the "Business Center" and "Get Connected" tools).
Viewed Comics
See a report of all your viewed comics
When you view a comic past the cover page, your "read" pages are logged and provided back to your for your historical record... when you complete a book, we detail that as well.
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Manage comics you have marked as a favorite
What would a content-driven Website be without the ability for registered users to mark content as a "favorite." Of course, you have to be able to easily manage those favorites.
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View your purchase history
As a registered user, you can purchase content for $0.99. All of your purchase history is documented and reported back to you for your records.
Author Content
Author new content
This tool is where all the magic happens... for help in authoring content, we have created a help file".
Sales Data
View a report of all the comics you have sold
When a fan has purchased content from an author, the purchase history is reported back to the author for their records.
Business Center
Access career and business tools
The Business Center is a tool which we hope will provide authors and other content contributors access to information and career resources.
Get Connected
Connect to a potential collaborator for a project
The Get Connected section is our version of LinkedIn. We know that finding collaborators on a project can be difficult and we want to help you get your projects completed and published.
Analytics Center
View analytics of how your comics are being viewed
Our hope with the analytics center is to provide authors with invaluable information about how their content is being viewed (e.g., on which page a fan stops reading, on which page a fan chooses to share or like, etc.,)