(10/15/18) Putting Comics in Libraries, Classrooms, an...
There's a passionate blog post, with a phenomenal list of resources attached to it, that details Why Graphic Novels Belong in All of Our Libraries. The author, Pernille Ripp, talks about the struggle that many parents, teachers, and librarians will find all too familiar - getting a bright, young person to see themselves as a reader.
#LibraryOfComics #IndieComics #GraphicNovels @CBLDF @studiojjk
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(11/17/17) 7 Indie Comics Characters Who Deserve Their Own Shows
There's an exciting world of indie comics just waiting to enter the TV continuum. This article enlightens us to seven examples are just a handful of the characters who deserve their own television shows.
#ComicsTV #Grendel #MattWagner @MikeAllred #GoldieVance @HopeLarson #BrittneyWilliams @ScottPilgrim #ScottPilgrim #BryanLeeOmalley #EdBrubaker #SeanPhillips #JimmyCorrigan #Nimona #NoelleStevenson #IndieComics #GraphicNovels #SupportIndieComics
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(11/13/17) Comic Books Draw Veteran Interest
Drawing has been a part of Mike Rodriguez's life since childhood, but a wound that ended his military career also put his illustrator tendencies on hold. Rodriguez, who served in Iraq from June to November 2004, with Bravo Co., 1st Bn., 8th Marines, as a rifleman, was wounded on Thanksgiving Day 2004 in Fallujah, Iraq. He was shot, losing nerve feeling and fine-motor skills on his right side. His shoulder was dislocated, he said, and he nearly lost his right leg to compartment syndrome (pressure buildup in muscles), among other shrapnel injuries.
#WarComics #WarGraphicNovels #FemaleVeterans #VFWMagazine @VFWHQ #IndieComics #WarComics #WarGraphicNovels #FemaleVeterans #VeteransDay #VFWMagazine @VFWHQ #IndieComicsNews #IndieComics #IndieNews
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(08/31/17) Great review of the Geek-Girl 1-4.
Supporting your fellow #Authors, #Illustrators, #Colorists, #Inkers, #Typesetters and #Publishers of #indiecomics is so important! This review of #Geek-Girl by @daSamJohnson (@Ruby_Kaye_) and the reading of this review are two ways to show your support.
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(08/02/17) SDCC '17: Moving Beyond the Strong Female Character
The strong female archetype is one people have an almost reflexive awareness of, the character of Wonder Woman springs to mind as an obvious example. Movies like Elektra (2005) or Catwoman (2004) exhibit the stereotypical strong female character well. It%u2019s someone who may possess physical strength or agility but that%u2019s about it in terms of their character%u2019s development. The end result is a character who doesn%u2019t feel fully realized, realistic, or relatable. That%u2019s why Sam Maggs (Bioware) and Amy S. Foster (The Rift Uprising) put together a panel on how to move beyond simple presentations of strength into more fully realized projections of women.
#comicbookwomen @SamMaggs @realbreeturner @comicsbeat @Comic_Con #indiecomics
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(06/27/17) Great Interview w/Ghost City Comics
Interviewer: "I had a chance to interview Michael Ruiz-Unger and Tucker Tota about their Ghost City Comic Competition that's currently running. You'll also be able to hear me on their podcast in production talking about the site."
#comiccompetition @ghostcitycomics @ComicBastards #makingcomics #indiecomics
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(05/25/17) A year of Free Comics: Read Catalyst Prime: The Event in full.
One of the year's biggest events is the launch of Catalyst Prime, Lion Forge's new superhero line. The arrival of a new line of comics created by a diverse line-up of talent behind the page - led by editor Joe Illidge - and with a diverse cast of characters on the page, couldn't be better timed for today's comics readers.
#catalystprime @catalystprime @comicsbeat #freecomics #indiecomics
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(05/01/17) Good Thing: Welcome "Mayhem" to the Ring!
Mayhem is one of the coolest indie comics I've ever read. It's feminist, fierce and funny. The colors, the artwork, the characters and the villains --- all of it is so fresh and fun and new. It's the type of book you read and re-read and recommend to everyone. And chances are, you've never seen it before or even heard of it. But that's because you don't live in Austin, Texas (how dare you!?). See, that's where I was when I discovered this book, in among the indie comics. From the moment I saw the cover I was in.
#mayhemcomic @caitymayhem @comicsalliance #indiecomics #graphicnovels
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(04/19/17) 15 Indie Comics That Deserve The Netflix Treatment
In recent years, Netflix has become the pinnacle for quality television series. The home to a vast array of original programming, Netflix offers a variety of genres, both live action and animated. While The CW and Fox seem to be home to many DC related TV shows, Marvel has partnered with Netflix to bring to life such characters as Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist. But what about independent comic book adaptations? Don%u2019t some titles from smaller publishers warrant adaptations of their own?
#netflixindiecomics @netflix @cbr #indiecomics #graphicnovels
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(03/31/17) A graphic novel of The Handmaid's Tale written by Margaret Atwood is on its way.
Hulu's adaptation of Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale is coming this April, and it’s gotten a lot of attention for its unintentionally topical subject matter: a future fundamentalist dictatorship where women are back to being chattel and the birthrate has declined due to pollution and disease.
#thehandmaidestale @thehandmaidstale @hulu @margaretatwood @comicsbeat #indiecomics #graphicnovels
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(02/11/17) Preview: Geek-Girl #3
Since landing a pair of flight and super-strength-inducing super-tech glasses, co-ed Ruby Kaye has been trying to get to grips with the changes she’s going through and the power she now has… and in the specially priced ‘Jump-On-issue,’ Geek-Girl #3, featuring a bonus recap of Geek-Girl #1-#2, Ruby is ready to fully embrace being a super-hero. …But is she ready for Mr. Mash-Up?
#geekgirl3 #geekgirlcomic @Ruby_Kaye_ @ComicCrusaders @daSamJohnson #indiecomics #graphicnovels
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(02/10/17) Priya's Mirror wins Special Jury Prize at FilmGate, Miami!
Priya joins forces with a group of acid attack survivors as they fight against the demon-king, Ahankar, and his tyrannical hold on them. Funded by the World Bank, the next edition titled, PRIYA’S MIRROR, focuses on acid attacks and tackles the problem of gender violence around the world. The comic book was created by and features acid attack survivors from New York City, Bogota, and New Delhi.
#juryprize #priyasmirror @filmgatemiami @priyas_shakti #indiecomics #graphicnovels
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(02/05/17) A year of free comics: get back to nature with Mark Trail
Another source of free comics! The interface is perhaps not the smoothest but you can read just about every daily newspaper comic strip online every day for free. King Features comics are available at their portal, Comics Kingdom. And perhaps king of that kingdom is Mark Trail, forest ranger. A sort of nature detective...
#freecomics #marktrail @comicsbeat #comicsbeat #indiecomics #graphicnovels
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(01/30/17) Preview: Action Lab's Brigands #4
Exclusive Preview by Dustin Cabeal: "I read the first issue of this series and it wasn't bad. If I wasn't reading a couple dozen books each week I might have kept up with it, but as it is I'll likely just sit down with issues 2-4 and reading them altogether. Speaking of issue 4, we have an exclusive preview below for you to check out!..."
#brigands @EnterTheHero #ComicBastards #indiecomics #graphicnovels
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(01/09/17) Review of Rock Mary Rock #1
​Rock Mary Rock by Nicky Soh is an all ages comic about a teenage girl, Mary, who accidentally awakens the spirit of a rock n' roll legend and the shenanigans that follow.
#rockmaryrock @nickysoh07 #indiecomicreview #indiecomics #graphicnovels
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(09/29/16) India's raped comic 'super hero' returns to fight acid attacks: Priya's Mirror
Priya, the hugely popular female rape survivor-turned comic book "super hero", is back in a new role - this time she's fighting acid attacks. Priya's Shakti, the first book about the character, was launched two years ago. The new comic - Priya's Mirror - focuses attention on acid attacks in India and around the world.
#priyasmirror @priyas_shakti #acidattack #rape #survivors #indiecomics #graphicnovels
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(09/06/16) A new episode of Barrier by Vaughn, Martin and Vicente is up
After some delays caused by work on the oversized Walking Dead special, a new chapter of Barrier by Brian K. Vaughan, Marcos Martin and Muntsa Vicente...
#barrier #briankvaughn @PanelSyndicate #indiecomics #graphicnovels
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(08/15/16) Lion Forge Comics Announces ‘The Castoffs’ From Smith, Reed
Lion Forge Comics has been making waves in a big way recently with titles such as Joe Casey and Jim Mahfood‘s Miami Vice and David Gorden and Gerado Sandoval’s Quincredible, highlighting it as a publisher to watch.
#lionforgecomics @jimmahfood #joecasey @davidgorden @geradosandoval #quincredible #indiecomics #graphicnovels
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(06/06/16) Alan Grant, John Wagner and Dan Cornwell Bring You Sci-Fi Soccer Action With 'Rok Of The Reds'
I don't want to come off as all "sterotypical American" or anything, but I have to admit that I don't really get the appeal of soccer. I realize that it's the sport of choice for the vast majority of the world --- and that I also don't get the appeal of most sports that don't involve steel cage matches and a zombie cowboy whose brother is a fire demon --- but something about it just continues to elude me...
#rokofthereds #johnwagner #alangrant #doncornwell @BHP_Comics #indiecomics #graphicnovels
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(05/19/16) EXCLUSIVE: Oscar-Nominated Animator Benjamin Renner Comes to Comics with BIG BAD FOX
The plan was simple: steal chicken eggs, “raise the chicks, scare them, and eat them. But things don’t go exactly as he planned…”
#benjaminrenner #bigbadfox #indiecomics #graphicnovels
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(05/03/16) Preview: Lucy Knisley Explores Marriage in “Something New”
Lucy Knisley is rapidly becoming a household name in the world of memoir, alternating between travelogues such as French Milk and Displacement and more thematic memoir work such as her New York Time’s Bestselling Relish and her brand new, well, Something New: Tales From a Makeshift Bride all about her experiences of getting married as well as a critique of...
#lucyknisley #somethingnew #firstsecond #indiecomics #graphicnovels
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(05/02/16) Back to Boneville: Jeff Smith Announces New 'Bone' Graphic Novel
It’s been 25 years since Jeff Smith‘s Bone began, and more than a decade since the last book was published, but today we’re met with the exciting news that more Bone is coming! Specifically Bone: Coda, a new graphic novel by Jeff Smith, arrives this July according to an announcement on the official Bone Tumblr.
#bonecomic #jeffsmith #boneville #indiecomics #graphicnovels
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(04/13/16) Remender, Chaykin & More bring back Rock Music, Terrorists & Winnebagos to Image
Rick Remender, Howard Chaykin, Joe Harris and more creators with new books discussed process, influences, and "writing what you know."
#imageexpo @ImageComics #rickremender #HowardChaykin @joeharris #allansampson @Colin_Lorimer @JeromeAOpena #indiecomics #graphicnovels
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(03/30/16) REVIEW: DOORMAN #1
I will say this about Heavy Metal’s comics, no two titles are alike. Hell, they’re not even close. Doorman is the third title from Heavy Metal that I’ve checked out and it may only be their third title… I don’t know if there’s one that I’ve missed or not and…
#doorman #HeavyMetal #dustincabeal #indiecomics #graphicnovels
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(03/14/16) Slate announces Cartoonist Studio Prize short lists
Slate’s Cartoonist Studio Prize selects 10 comics each in the print and digital categories, and the 2016 short lists have just been announced. As usual its a fine list of comics. Short lists were compiled by Slate Book Review editor Dan Kois, CCS Fellow Noah Van Sciver and guest judge, Caitlin McGurk. The prize is presented in conjunction with CCS each […]
#slate #cartooniststudioprize #indiecomics #graphicnovels
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(02/29/16) Take A Superheroic Tour Of Toronto With 'Pitiful Human-Lizard' #6
Despite a long and proud tradition of Canadian superheroics, our northern neighbors often get a bum rap when it comes to their costumed heroes. It's never, "Well, Toronto is the fourth-largest city in North America so naturally it should have its own dedicated roster of crimefighters," it's always, "What, is he faster than an apology for bumping into someone and able leap a Tim Horton's in a single bound?" It's just disrespectful, really.
#jasonloo #indiecomics #graphicnovels
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(02/25/16) Preview: Hyper Force Neo by Jarrett Williams is an all-ages romp
Jarrett Williams, creator of the vervetastic wrestling comics SUPER PRO K.O.! is back with a new all-ages title from Z2 Comics. The first issue comes out in April and it’s a double sized 48-page dose of action with a diverse cast and a madcap style.
#hyperforce #z2comics #indiecomics #graphicnovels
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(02/08/16) Framed! Meet the creators shaking up modern comics
Comics are defiantly not growing up. Instead, they are growing outwards, reaching wider audiences than either the stereotypical lone male comics fan in his ill-fitting Wolverine T-shirt, or the literary graphic novel reader with their well-thumbed copies of Maus, Palestine and A Contract With God.
#moderncomics @kellysue @fionastaples #indiecomics #graphicnovels
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(02/08/16) Can You Create / Publish An Independent Comic And Remain Sane?
Let me start out by saying that I’m lying to you. If you want to have any chance at succeeding with your comic you have to be a little crazy to begin with. You have to believe that somehow you’re that specially talented little snowflake who will succeed against overwhelming odds to make your dreams come true while simultaneously having a maniacal amount of drive and self-motivation to keep at it while all the evidence in the world points to the exact contrary conclusion...
#independentcomicbook #independentwriter #independentartist #indiecomics #graphicnovels
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(01/20/16) 10 new comics to look out for in 2016
2016 looks full of promise when it comes to the graphic novel department. With some brand spanking new series' on the horizon, it's the perfect time to delve into the medium.
#2016comics #darkbloody #thelastcontract #indiecomics #graphicnovels
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(01/12/16) Indie Comic Review: The Children’s Vampire Hunting Brigade
Phicno's 1st adopter made headlines with this fantastic review of his, "The Children's Vampire Hunting Brigade" series (!
Baker writes, "Author David Blake Lucarelli's The Children’s Vampire Hunting Brigade offers readers of graphic fiction exactly that, with the added pleasure of a historical backdrop and some very well written human spoils to boot!"
#vampirecomics @DavidLucarelli #childrensvampirehuntingbrigade #indiecomics #graphicnovels
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(01/10/16) Warren Ellis Epic Freakangels Comes to Digital
Warren Ellis’ very popular webseries, Freakangels is finally coming to digital comics. Volumes 1
#warrenellis #freakangels #indiecomics #graphicnovels
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The cover of Kings and Canvas issue zero features a dragon/millipede/lobster harassing a boxer atop a windswept cliff. What lies within the book is a skewed fantasy vision where pugilists are exalted, wandering heroes. If I wrote a detailed description of the Kings and Canvas #0 and #1 here, I'd…
#kingsandcanvas #kingscanvaszero #indiecomics #graphicnovels
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(01/07/16) 3 Indie Comics Publishers You Should Know
There are so many factors that can define great publishers. Even publishers you may not know about, including these ones: Fantagraphics, Nobrow,
Drawn & Quarterly.
#indiecomicpublishers @fantagraphics @nobrowpress @DandQ #indiecomics
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(01/04/16) Survivor as Superhero: Why This Comic Book Matters in the Battle Against Rape
Ram Devineni, a New York-based filmmaker and publisher, was in Delhi on December 16, 2012 when the brutal gang rape of a student on a moving bus shocked India out of its stupor. A year later, Priya's Shakti was created: a comic book to help create empathy and understanding for rape survivors. A comic book that challenges the deep-rooted cultural stigmas around rape.
#jointhebattleagainstrape @priyas_shakti #indiecomics
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CARVER: A PARIS STORY, from Paul Pope's protege Chris Hunt, which includes a short story by Pope himself, debuts today. CARVER tracks notorious gentleman of fortune Francis Carver as he trots the globe on a noir-esque adventure to help the only woman he has ever loved. CARVER is the second series in the new line of creator-owned periodicals from Z2 Comics.
#carvercomic #carverparisstory #indiecomics
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(12/18/15) MIKE MIGNOLA's HELLBOY IN HELL To End With #10, Year Break From Drawing Comic Books
Mike Mignola has announced that his series Hellboy In Hell will be ending with its tenth issue. Mignola announced that in an interview with Vulture, including discussing why the series is ending sooner than he'd previously discussed.
#hellboyinhell #Mikemignola #indiecomics
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(12/13/15) Review - 21st Century Tank Girl Mini Series
Tank Girl is the toughest, reddest comic book chick there is. Created by Jamie Hewlett and Alan Martin, the British badass first made her appearance in the magazine Deadline in the late 1980’s. Her wild antics were...
#tankgirlreview #independentcomicbookreview #indiecomics
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Now that word is out about his role as Negan on "The Walking Dead," Jeffrey Dean Morgan is making it clear that he wants his portrayal of the character to be as close to the comics as he can make it -- even if that means testing AMC's boundaries.
#negan #thewalkingdead #indiecomics
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"The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina" artist Robert Hack will guest-illustrate January's "The Black Hood" #8, with Greg Scott joining as new series artist the following month, with issue #9.
#darkcircle #theblackhood #indiecomics
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Oni Press, Portland’s premier independent comic book publisher, is proud to welcome artist Dave Crosland (Yo Gabba Gabba Comic Book Time) to the creative team for the Invader ZIM comic book, based on the popular Nickelodeon television series. Crosland will begin as the series artist on Invader ZIM #7 and will also contribute a backup comic in Invader ZIM #8.…
#invaderzim @davecrosland #comicbastards #indiecomics
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(11/17/15) Edgar Wright to Direct DreamWorks Animation’s Shadows Movie
Edgar Wright is set to direct a film based on the concept of shadows for DreamWorks Animation.
#shadows @edgarwright #dreamworksanimation #indiecomics
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(11/16/15) Photographer chronicles ‘The Daily Life of Darth Vader’
Photographer Pawel Kadysz is capturing the everyday life of Darth Vader in pics — that is, if Darth Vader was living a “normal” life.
#vaderdailylife @pawelkadysz #indiecomics
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(11/15/15) Radio Romance -- and a Gun
In the vain of "Perdition Road," indie comic author Marc Males presents "Different Ugliness Different Madness" available now in Hard Cover
#diffentugliness @marcmales #indiecomics
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